What is Volunteer Engine?

Does your volunteer management software get in your way more often than it helps your volunteer programs? Save hours of time by managing every aspect of your volunteer base efficiently in one place. Volunteer Engine has been built from the ground up to be dead simple for both you and your volunteers to use. Unlike other systems, VE covers every aspect of volunteering, from onboarding and digital records to scheduling and communication. Endlessly customizable and configurable, it can meet any organization’s needs.


Get a bird’s eye view of your volunteer program in an instant. The dashboard brings everything that’s happened recently with your volunteers into one place. The front end is completely customizable to display the data that is most important to you.

Volunteer onboarding

Pulling your volunteer program together is hard enough without having to manage paper waivers floating around your office, keeping track of who has and hasn’t taken the onboarding training yet, and the million other things involved in getting a new volunteer up to speed.

Let Volunteer Engine do the heavy lifting! We track every step of the process to guide a volunteer through the complete onboarding and approval process. Instantly check on what step a volunteer is on at any time. With VE all you have to do for your new volunteers is cheer them on!

No Sweat Recruiting

Getting enough volunteers for your events is hard enough without having to consult endless spreadsheets and word documents to figure out who is qualified to do what. Volunteer Engine makes recruiting qualified and available volunteers as easy as pressing a button.

You can even let your volunteers view your schedule from their portal and apply to fill open positions for you. No more back and forth email chains or games of phone tag to see when a volunteer is available, let them tell you!

Event Management

Easily add events and recurring shifts to your master event calendar. Outline every requirement, from how many volunteers are needed to what qualifications and roles they need to fill. Enjoy one-click recruitment of volunteers from any event page.

Getting your volunteer schedule in one easy to manage calendar has never been easier!

Track volunteer attendance automatically with our mobile check-in once they get on site. Easy, clean, paperless.

Volunteer Database

Automatically pull every bit of relevant data into your volunteer records and get a 360-degree view of their activity and contact information.

See the volunteer’s history of communications, their qualifications, and their availability all in the same place, all updated in real time.

Free form tracking of hours, events, or other requirements is a breeze with Volunteer Engine.


Communicate with your volunteers based on their preferences. Whether they prefer text, email, or live chat, Volunteer Engine has them covered.

Volunteer Engine automatically creates group chats for ongoing events allowing you and your volunteers to coordinate in real-time during the event!


Keep your volunteers engaged and active with our customizable gamification system. Choose the levels your program has, what they are called, and what the level up requirements are.

Craft something that makes sense for your organization and is relevant to your volunteering activities to keep your volunteers plugged in!

Website Platform

VE also offers a industry leading website platform that is just as powerful and easy to use as Volunteer Engine, but if you already have a website you’re happy with, Volunteer Engine works with any website!

Donor Management

Our complete Donor Management platform is available as well. See donation activity on volunteer profiles and volunteer information on donor profiles.

This optional add-on supercharges your software platform to be an end-to-end donation management system as well as providing world-class association management.


From the basic building blocks of our software to the end-user, security is a key concern.

Every step of the way we've taken great care to ensure your data stays safe and secure.


Built from the ground up with a focus on a streamlined, efficient and easy experience for our users.

Everyone promises their software is easy to use, we actually deliver.